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Creating sophisticated yet simple database solutions for your business

I am a UK based Independent Freelance Microsoft Access Database Developer/Consultant who can undertake your Access Database Development, Developing and Supporting systems created in all versions of Microsoft Access: Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010, Access 2013, Access 2016, Access 2019, Office 365

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Access Database Software Logo My name is Dennis McDermott, I am a freelance systems developer and Access Database Programmer who specialises in the creation of sophisticated yet simple computer systems for your business, primarily using Microsoft Access. I can brand your system with your company colours and logo.

I write bespoke tailor-made office software that grows with your enterprise and your budget. I am able to work on a fixed-price, fixed-timescale basis so you know exactly what you are getting for what price, enabling you to be firmly in control of your IT budget.

With 38 years experience in the computer industry, and 23 years as a database development freelancer I have become something of a MS Access Expert, I can quickly analyse your business database requirements and discuss a way forward to creating a custom tailored solution for your company.

I am a Microsoft Access Database Specialist who is ready to create a system to help your business, please browse my website, perhaps read what my customers say and when you are ready, contact me for your Access Database Development.

Why hire me as your Access specialist?
Why hire me as your Access specialist?
A Difficult Decision
It's always a difficult decision deciding who is going to provide you with a professional service, there are many MS Access Database Developers who do not have sufficient real-world experience, and here I would like to present a brief summary of the reasons why I believe you should select me to be your Access Database Specialist and undertake your bespoke Access Database Design and Development.

Andy Cattigan, Waste King Limited said "We were looking for an Access Expert, and with a quick Google Search we came across Dennis: The project was agreed and a deposit paid, the service, updates and feedback were second to none and the finished database is fast, stable and adaptable for future growth. I would highly recommend Dennis, he has a talent for turning technical babble into plain English."  See my testimonials

What areas of business do I cover?
During my many years as a Microsoft Access Database Programmer I have created many bespoke Access Database systems to help businesses in many sectors, for example I have developed systems to computerise and streamline the following; Order Processing, Manufacturing Control, Project Tracking, Job Tracking, Invoice Production, (CRM) Customer Relationship Management, Property Management, Custom Pricelist Creation. My database systems automate functions to ensure accuracy/repeatability and ease of use.

So as you can see, it really does not matter what line of business you are in, I can provide help with microsoft access databases.

Steve Brierley QA / H&S Manager, Metal Cleaning UK and Standish Metal Treatment said "Explaining the step by step process of a shot blasting and painting operation is not very easy. However, Dennis soaked up the information, I cannot think of a time when I had to explain these complex processes more than once."  See my testimonials

I am an experienced Microsoft Access Database Developer. I have been developing Database systems since 1986 and have run my own freelance software consultancy and development business since 2001.

I am skilled in all aspects of software development (I am not just an Access Database Developer), quickly gaining an understanding of your business, writing database specification documents in plain language. Programming, testing, and installation on your PC or network.

I have undertaken development of commercial database applications for all types of companies from small independent enterprises to large blue chip companies such as Allianz, Canon, GEC Marconi, Haymarket Publishing, NHS and Sea Containers. I have worked with businesses in many sectors, including Medical, Manufacturing, Retail, Property and Services.

Clear Speaking
I pride myself on speaking to my clients in a clear non-technical manner they understand, I work with clients with different levels of database knowledge, from those that are not sure what a database can achieve for their business, to those that have a knowledge of developing Access Database systems themselves, but perhaps need help with a specific task in an area where they have less experience.

Guy Davis of Hiltongrove Business Space said "Service, Quality, Price, It's true, you rarely get any of the two above with any organisation, but Dennis McDermott is a freelancer who provides all three."  See my testimonials

Cost Effectiveness
What does it cost to have an Access Database Developed?
How am I Cost Effective?
You can hire me on an hourly basis, or on a fixed price for a project, so you have no need to pay contractors rates for someone who you will be paying during downtime, and no need to employ a database developer full time, I monitor time spent on your project electronically and only bill for that time.

How do I know what you require from your database system?
I will discuss your requirements with you, I will probably request paper copies of the way you do things currently, talk about how you would like your database to operate, make suggestions, I will then write a document detailing my comprehension of your requirements to ensure there are no misunderstandings. I will not undertake any development work until you are happy I have grasped your needs completely, thereby ensuring no time and money is wasted due to misunderstandings.

It may be the case that you already have an existing Access Database written in an old version of Access that requires updating to a new version of Access, this is something I can undertake for you, please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation quote.

Where am I? I am based on the Essex Suffolk border in the UK, and as well as serving clients in the local areas of Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Kent and London, I have developed systems for clients all over the UK as well as other English speaking countries. With modern technologies I can work together with my clients although we may be many miles apart. This is very cost effective as it saves travel time and costs.

Minimum Disruption to your business
I undertake bespoke Access Database Development at my home based office, thereby I cause no distraction to your employees; I can undertake installations remotely at times that suit you, perhaps out of normal office hours.

Kevin Adams of Almond Art said "I would certainly not hesitate to contact Dennis again and I am happy to recommend his professional services to anyone."  See my testimonials

Why not do it yourself?
Could I do it myself?, am I a programmer or developer?
Perhaps I could do it myself, it can't be that difficult
Many of my clients do, as I mentioned above, I have clients with various levels of experience.

Quite often a client may be able to undertake a good deal of the development themselves, at that point they look for a professional Access Database Designer to implement some of the more difficult features they require.

However, whether you have a requirement for a simple database or a complex database, it still makes sense to use a professional Access Programmer so that the foundations of your database are solid and allow for future database development.

Lucy Stephenson, Project Manager, Advice North Lincolnshire said "Dennis was fantastic from the beginning and I can only commend him for his endless patience and ability to communicate technical information in a way that could be understood by those with limited Microsoft Access knowledge. He is a true Microsoft Access Expert."  See my testimonials

This normally involves some programming in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

However if you do not have experience of developing Access Database systems, and terms like normalisation, referential integrity, naming convention, sub routine, function, parameter (sorry, I only used those terms to make a point!) mean nothing to you, then I would suggest you would be better off to contact me.

I am a Freelance Microsoft Access Developer who can undertake your Access Database Development, Developing and Supporting systems created in all versions of Microsoft Access: Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010, Access 2013, Access 2016, Access 2019, Office 365