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Interfacing with other Microsoft Office Applications
This is one of the great features of Access, it's flexibility and programability

What does this mean to my business?
Interfacing with other Microsoft Office components. Word, Excel, Outlook
Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite of products, for example Word, Excel, Outlook.

It is possible to interface with these other parts of Office from within your access database, this can take a very simple form, for example the exporting of a report from Access to Word, or can be much more complex creating a fully integrated system to provide a one stop office solution.

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An Example
One of the systems I have developed has a section that creates invoices for the client, the process of creating these invoices is quite complex as they have to be in two languages and two currencies.

The system works by the user clicking a single button, the system then gathers the relevant data for an invoice, sends this data to two Microsoft Word mail merge documents, one in English and the other in French, it then determines whether VAT is applicable for the client who is being invoiced, applies VAT if it is relevant, applies the correct exchange rate between Pounds and Euros based on the current rate of exchange.

The system then loads these Microsoft Word documents in the background and then creates PDF files from them, stores these in a directory called 'invoices sent'. At this point the system interfaces with Microsoft Outlook and creates a tailored e-mail for the client being invoiced and attaches the relevant invoice in PDF format, the client not only finds this a great time saver, but its always consistent compared to when they used to undertake these processes manually.

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What does this mean to you?
There are many ways this interoperability can benefit a business Clive Mollett, Director, 121 Fundraising Limited said "To his great credit Dennis rapidly grasped the fundamentals of our problem."  See my testimonials