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I am a Freelance Microsoft Access Developer who can undertake your Access Database Development, Developing and Supporting systems created in all versions of Microsoft Access
Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010, Access 2013, Access 2016, Access 2019, Office 365

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Customer Support
Once you have your system installed and running, you need to consider ongoing help and support

What level of Customer Support can I provide?
Customer Support
As well as undertaking the tasks required to develop Your Database System I also provide ongoing customer support.

Dennis Towers KBW ECM-London said "The system has been an excellent tool, it is stable, reliable and integrates onto our network allowing it to run in the most optimal fashion."  See my testimonials

Installation and Commissioning
Once your system is ready for your testing and approval I will undertake the installation, whether this is on a single PC or on your computer network. From the clients perspective, this will result in an icon appearing that when double clicked will start the database system.

I will demonstrate the system to relevant members of your staff to ensure they have a full understanding of how to operate it, and the administrator would be trained by me to be fully conversant with the operation of the entire system.

I will answer your users questions. I build systems that are extremely user friendly and usable by people in their daily routine without needing to be a computer expert or Access database specialist.

Ongoing Support
In the rare case that something does not go to plan I will undertake to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Many of my clients prefer the peace of mind of having an ongoing support contract; I can provide such a contract for you if required.

Steve Brierley QA / H&S Manager, Metal Cleaning UK and Standish Metal Treatment said "...he offers a truly fantastic service..."  See my testimonials

Fixing Existing Access Database Issues
Fixing Access Databases
Sometimes things crop up that stop an Access Database working properly and the person/company that originally developed the database may no longer be available.

I can analyse your existing database and provide solutions, some of the common problems my clients come up against are:

Nick Storey, BBi (Scotland) Ltd, Glasgow said "Dennis has a really comprehensive expertise in Access programming and is also good at seeing problems from his client’s point of view. We would strongly recommend Dennis to anyone who needs help developing their database."  See my testimonials