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I am a UK based Independent Freelance Microsoft Access Database Developer/Consultant who can undertake your Access Database Development, Developing and Supporting systems created in all versions of Microsoft Access: Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010, Access 2013, Access 2016, Access 2019, Office 365

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Web/Internet/Cloud based Databases

If you are looking for a database website builder, you have come to the right place because as well as Office based databases, I also develop Web/Internet based databases.

What is a Web/Internet/Cloud based database? What are the advantages?

What is a Web/Internet based database?
A Web/Internet based database (sometimes known as a web/internet application or Cloud Database) uses a database behind a web application so that you can manipulate your data via a web browser, I can develop this system completely, so to use your database on the web you simply enter an internet address, logon and search, view and edit your data.

Your data is always up to date and available everywhere you have an internet connection.

Your data is always consistent due to data validation rules which assists users in entering good clean data.

There is no requirement to have Microsoft Access installed on each computer that uses the database, this provides a cost saving over using Access in the office.

Typical Logon Page
Logon Page

My web/internet based database systems (Cloud Databases) are very easy to use and fast, I would be happy to demonstrate my systems in operation.

Only for you
Although these database systems are available on the internet they are password protected so that they are available to designated users only.

Easy to use
My Cloud database systems are easy to use and require minimal maintenance, you will have administration facilities to add, delete and update users of the system as well as your data.

If you already have a web presence, I can brand your new Cloud database to follow the design of your existing website, for example colours and fonts.

I use Microsoft technologies
I have many years of experience using Classic ASP, your web based database system would be built using these tried and tested technologies.

Example Systems
I have created web/internet based database systems for companies in many sectors, for example Allianz use one of my bespoke web database systems worldwide. I have a long standing client who runs their property business on one of my web based database systems. Virtual BM use one of my systems all day every day to run their business.

Typical Main Menu Page
Main Menu

This page is dynamic as it is displayed differently dependant on who is logged on, in this example a person with admin rights is logged on so the Admin Tasks buttons are visible, if a non-admin person was logged on these buttons would not be displayed.

Typical Data List
Reports List

This is a method of displaying a list of data that can be sorted and filtered to quickly find what you are looking for. And once you have found the summary data you can click on the icon in the view column to see the full details of the item, in this case a report.

A Detailed Data Entry
Reports List

Here you can see a full data entry, clicking the Print button will produce a print of the data as shown on screen.

The best of both worlds
Sometimes there is a business case for having an Office based Access Database as well as a Web/Internet based database, I can develop both of these and have them communicate with each other, so you may for example use your database in the office and have all or some of your data available to your web based database application.

Database backups
My systems are monitored and undertake auto backups of your data to an offsite server.

To use a web/internet based database system the files that comprise the system have to be stored on the internet on a device called a web server, I can provide hosting on such a web server, this saves you the grief of getting involved in this technical subject and I can provide a total solution.

Development Topics
Please see Creating Your System which covers many of the topics of developing a system for you such as:
There are many detractors on the internet who seem to believe that Access is not up to the job of being used on the internet, this is not the case, all of my systems are fast and efficient. I believe the main reason for these negative comments regarding the use of Access are due to poor programming.

Amanda Watts, Virtual BM said "I was very impressed with the way Dennis was able to take on board details of our specific requirements and create a web based database system that is quick, effective and simple to use."  See my testimonials

I am a Freelance Microsoft Access Developer who can undertake your Access Database Development, Developing and Supporting systems created in all versions of Microsoft Access: Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2003, Access 2007, Access 2010, Access 2013, Access 2016, Access 2019, Office 365