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Data Synchronisation - Remote Access

Perhaps you need to synchronise data between different systems or a website, or access your data remotely?

How can I help with Data Synchronisation?
Data Synchronisation
An example
One of my clients is involved with placing staff for temporary cover, sickness, holidays, maternity leave, etc. I have created a number of systems for this client that share data via these synchronisation techniques.

Firstly I have created a Job Vacancies database in Access for this client, the staff members enter information regarding job vacancies they have on offer into this database, I have also created a website for this client that lists their current job vacancies (see: web based databases), if these systems were not synchronised the user would have to enter the data twice, once in the office based system and once on the website, this would require a content management system behind the website.

However with the data synchronisation system I developed, the user simply clicks one button labelled 'Synchronise with Website' and the system then updates the vacancies on the website based on the data held locally. The system provides feedback while the synchronisation takes place so the user is always fully informed.

I have also created a sophisticated Candidate placement system in Access, this enables the client to enter his client's requests and match up available candidates to fill those positions, this system also uses data synchronisation, but this time in the other direction.

Candidates register on my client's website, the information they enter is stored in a database behind the website. My client has the ability to press a single button to interrogate the website database to see if there are any new registrations, if there are, the system synchronises the data from the website database directly into the local database, so once again, no need to enter data twice, in fact, no need to enter it once as the people registering on the website are entering the data themselves, and it appears in my clients local database at the click of a button.

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How can I help with Remote Access?
Remote Access
I want to look at my data from many locations, is this possible?

Yes, using remote access facilities I can develop for you

Remote access can take many forms; here are a few ways I can provide access to all of your important data Jawad Saleem, Business Development Manager, Regent Carriage Services Ltd. said "His understanding of our business needs through his questioning lead to an excellent customised database, it shows the true value of working with an experienced professional."  See my testimonials