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VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)

Visual Basic for Applications provides Access with almost unlimited programability

What does this mean to my business?
Interfacing with other Microsoft Office components. Word, Excel, Outlook
What is it?
VBA is a programming language that allows the programmer to write programs to control an Access Database and the data stored within it. VBA is similar in structure to VB (Visual Basic) which is a stand alone programming language.

Are you thinking, I don't want to know about this!
If you understand VBA and know what 'Option Explicit' 'Functions' 'Sub Routines' 'Public' 'Private' and 'Scope of Variables' mean then you are probably already an Access VBA Programmer, if you do not know what those things mean and don't want to know, then please contact me and we can discuss your requirements in plain English.

Use of VBA provides one of the biggest differences between an Access Database system created by a non programmer and a programmer.

Using Access without any programming is possible, the user can set up data tables (this is where Access stores data) simple forms (this is where you enter and view data) and reports (this is where you view your data in various formats)

So why do I need VBA?
VBA allows the programmer to really take control of Access, it allows the programmer to control all of the underlying objects in Access such as the Tables, Forms, Queries and Reports providing almost endless flexibility in how your system operates. VBA is also used to control other Microsoft products such as Word and Excel from within Access thereby providing a neat all encompassing solution to your business needs.

My experience programming in VBA
I have years of VBA programming experience and always incorporate these important elements